Discipleship Groups

'Discipleship Groups' are what we call our young adult bible studies at Parksville Baptist Church.

They meet throughout the Oceanside area and all share common elements, including a bible study, a leader or facilitator, and a time of prayer. Each group is unique in it's location and what the focus of the bible study time is.

Alternatively, if discipleship in a mutil-generational setting is what you are looking for, we highly recommend joining a Growth Group. These groups are offered on many different nights of the week and gather in homes across Oceanside. Find out more or sign up HERE.


Here's are our options for Discipleship Groups this semester:

 *  Studying the Book of Romans // Tuesdays at 6.30pm

  • Open to all
  • Space is limited so email Dan for more information

 * Various Bible Topics // Mondays at 7.00pm

  • Open to all
  • Rotates between two homes - check our facebook page for details

 * Guys Only // Mondays at 7.00pm

  • Meets at Rob Jackson's home
  • 3270 Grandon Rd, Qualicum (north of town)
  • call the church office to get Rob's number

 * Girls Only // Thursdays at 7pm


 * post-Thirsty gatherings // sundays at 7.30pm

  • almost every week following the 6pm "Thirsty" service at Parksville Baptist
  • check-in after the service with Pastor Dan
  • it's a bit spontaneous, so make sure to hunt us down and ask for the info!!