PYM+ on Sunday Mornings

PYM+ is a gatherings on Sunday mornings during the regular school year while the Worship Encounter service (11am) is happening at Parksville Baptist Church. 

It is a chance for Christian junior high school students (grade 6 to 8) to experience learning, reading, and discussing the Bible in a small group setting with a caring adult leading and guiding them. 

It's free and, although there is no registration required, we do strongly encourage youth to make the weekly gathering a high priority for attendance.

There are a few weeks where we don't meet so that students can stay in the church service to worship and learn together with the entire gathering and their families.

See you there!


The following are the large-group teaching portions from the 2015/2016 lessons. The focus of the year was the BIG STORY of GOD in the BIBLE, so feel free to take a listen and see what we discovered ...

Week One: Beginnings [audio]
Week Two: First Humans [audio]
Week Three: Separation [audio]
Week Four: Cain and Abel [audio]
Week Five: The Flood [audio]
Week Six: The Covenant [not available]
Week Seven: Review #1
Week Eight: Isaac [audio]
Week Nine: Jacob and Esau [audio]
Week Ten: Joseph [audio]
Week Eleven: Moses [audio]
Week Twelve: The Passover [audio]
Week Thirteen:Law and Commands [audio]
Week Fourteen:Review #2
Week Fifteen: Sacrifices [audio]
Week Sixteen: Judges, Kings and Prophets [audio]
Week Seventeen: Birth of Jesus [audio]
Week Eighteen: Baptism and Temptation[audio]
Week Nineteen: Jesus and the Pharisees[audio]
Week Twenty: The Kingdom[audio]
Week Twenty-One: Miracles[audio]
Week Twenty-Two: New Covenant [not available]
Week Twenty-Three: Death and Resurrection [audio]
Week Twenty-Four: The Church[audio]
Week Twenty-Five: Review #3